Cotledge & Associates, Inc.

           “Human Resource Consulting Services/Contract”

 “Relentless, Successful, and Dedicated to Client Satisfaction.”


Jeanette Cotledge – Owner,  President of Cotledge & Associates, Inc.   

Detail-oriented, assertive professional with 20+ years progressive Human Resources Consulting experience with an emphasis on Sales, Healthcare and Technical Recruitment Services. Relentless and successful in sourcing, recruiting, and placement of Diversity professionals: Sales, Healthcare, Technical and Non-technical multi-cultural and multi-level professionals in all industries nationwide.

Strategic partner with internal managers to determine hiring requirements and successful in executing full-scope recruitment. Execute full life cycle recruitment and placement of high-level Diversityprofessionals within a specific niche for our clients. Provide a very extensive structured behavioral focused first interview process. Introducing innovative recruitment strategies to attract candidates whom ordinarily would be inaccessible. Conserving manager’s time by executing a very thorough first interview pre-screening, that provides our clients with an executive summary. Relentless and successful networking, developing and generating new business leads for potential clients.

Areas of expertise: Information Technology, Healthcare, Sales / Marketing, Insurance, Engineering, Accounting / Financial, E-Commerce, Food Service / Consumer Products, Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Construction, Residential Builders, Retail, Apparel, Automotive / Transportation, Manufacturing, Not-Profit, and general businesses.

20+ years of Professional Sales / Consulting experience nationwide. Strategic Business Development, Project Management, Strong Direct Sales, Strong Successful Negotiator, Time Line Driven, Needs / Assessment Analysis, Implementation and Delivery, Building Business / Customer Relationships, Strong Management and Presentation capabilities. Ability to manage multiple projects, meets deadlines, and continuously meets or exceeds quotas.




 *Beth Williams, SPHR: Capital H Group LLC*

“I secured Jeanette’s services for two very different clients and projects. She is results driven and finds a way to work with hiring managers regardless of style or biases. She can be very direct in a way that individuals accept and she gets results. Jeanette is also skilled at using humor to gain cooperation in difficult situations. I have also tapped into Jeanette’s expertise to refine interviewing and selection processes to secure hiring decisions in a more effective and timely manner. From a technical perspective, Jeanette is a skilled and versatile recruiter for a wide array of financial, IT, marketing and sales positions. She quickly learns about the job and work environment, sources candidates and does a great job of prepping and selling them on the opportunity.”   Hired Jeanette as a Recruiter in 2001, and hired Jeanette more than once.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


     *Toni Lang, Director HR: Sara Lee Foodservice*

“Jeanette has a great work ethic and does what it takes to find, interview and hire candidates. She has worked for me more than once. I would recommend her.”  Hired Jeanette as a Recruiter in 1992, and hired Jeanette more than once.

     Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

imagesYYP2HQDY*Holly Reed, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Reed Consulting*

Jeanette committed her expertise, time and energy to provide training on career counseling in an eight week course for homeless women. She was dynamic and flexible as she worked through assisting participants with special issues to help them address today’s job market. Jeanette is a very seasoned and knowledgeable recruiter who understands people, the recruiting process and the needs of the market. She is a quality professional with strong integrity and a dedicated work ethic. She is a pleasure to work with at all times.

I highly recommend Jeanette and will gladly speak with anyone considering her for an engagement. I worked directly with Jeanette at Cotledge & Associates, Inc.  “Jeanette is an exceptional recruiter who attempts to bring only the best players. She works well with limited to no supervision, is well versed in the latest social networking technologies and approaches, and is a very active player in the employee marketplace.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity


*Craig Morgan, Managing Director, The Gray Matter Advantage*

I hired Jeanette as a Recruiter in 2006, and hired Jeanette more than once. “Jeanette has a great work ethic and does what it takes to find, interview and hire candidates. She has worked for me more than once. I would recommend her.”

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity




 *Lisa Smith, SPHR , Director Recruitment, UnitedHealth Group (business partner)*

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and knowing Jeanette for more than 10 years. Her recruitment expertise is diverse and her approach is thorough and highly effective. She is results oriented, persistent and resourceful in finding the right match for her clients. Jeanette is also a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and caring attitude. “I would recommend her to any organization with a need for top notch recruitment solutions.”  I was with another company when working with Jeanette @ Cotledge & Associates.
*Paul May, CEO of Paul May & Associates* 

“Jeanette is one of the best talent recruiters I’ve worked with. She gives it her all with passion in finding the best talent for companies. I highly recommend using her services.




Recruitment1*Harvey Daniels, Staffing Manager, American Medical Association”

It’s with great pleasure that I offer this recommendation for Jeanette. I am personally aware of Jeanette’s recruiting creativity and effectiveness. She is very highly regarded among her peers as someone who knows how to build and effectively utilize her network, as well as someone who is always willing to share her knowledge and offer creative suggestions to her peers. While Jeanette is extremely effective in general, I have noticed that she has also handled the most difficult assignments (those that others might wish to avoid) with great effectiveness. Jeanette is also someone, that upon offering her opinions and suggestions, has her colleagues thinking, “Now why didn’t I think of that.”

I also have personally seen Jeanette’s effective leadership skills enacted through an association to which we both belong, of which she is president. She has the ability to interface well with people of a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.  I recommend Jeanette without reservation or hesitation. I know that her clients are extremely well served.” I was with another company when working with Jeanette at Cotledge & Associates, Inc.

imagesDW467OES*Jackqueline Koustrup, Vice President, HR – IRI Worldwide (formerly SymphonyIRI)”

Jeanette is an exceptional HR Professional and expert recruiter who has a passion for finding the perfect person to fit the role and the needs of the client.  Jeanette takes the time to get to know her client well, understand the important competencies that a person must have to fill the role and strives to exceed expectations – all while maintaining a cheerful manner throughout any kind of search.  Jeanette clearly has a passion for placing people in the right roles at the right time!  Jacqueline worked directly with Jeanette at Cotledge & Associates, Inc.


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