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Our Recruitment Process 

Full Life Cycle Recruiting Summary Process

 Position Needs/Assessment Analysis:  The first step in the recruiting process is to establish an excellent relationship with hiring managers. We conduct a discovery/criteria meeting to fully understand your position requirements, work environment, overall business objectives and goals, corporate culture team structures, management style, and detailed requirements for each position.

 Pre-Screening Process:  Conduct an exhaustive candidate search. Resume sources include our company’s database, subscription databases, our network of professional contacts, target companies locally and nationally, professional associations, and internet searches. All candidates are thoroughly screened and benchmarked based on the specific needs of the client.

 Recruiting/Evaluating Candidates:  We thoroughly interview and access each candidate skills sets based on your specific needs. We conduct an extensive structured behavioral phone interview that evaluates each candidate’s background, performance history, competences, knowledge base, and compensation to ensure our candidates are qualified for the position. Following the phone interview process, we arrange to meet personally with each qualified (retained projects) local candidates to explore, in depth, all aspects of the candidate’s background.

 Candidate Submittal:  We provide the client with an executive summary and complete resume. Upon the client’s interest in interviewing the candidate, we will conduct a business reference on each (retained projects) candidate. We thoroughly document the results of each reference check.

 Client Interviews:  To facilitate the process, we will arrange a face-to-face interview for the client to meet the recommended candidates. For out-of-state candidates, we will schedule a phone interview. We will immediately follow-up with the client and each candidate after the interview for feed back interest, results, and next step in the hiring process as required.

 Offer/Negotiations:   Once a finalist candidate has been identified, we assist the client in negotiating and developing a compensation package that meets the needs of both the client and each candidate.

 New Hire Follow-Up:   Upon completion of the search project, we continuously maintain contact with the client to ensure satisfaction with the results, and the candidate’s smooth integration into the company.


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